Anxiety in Teens

Anxiety mental health symbol isolated on white. Mental disorder icon design

Anxiety mental health symbol isolated on white. Mental disorder icon design

Lilly Hortis, Staff Writer

Although they may not realize, parents play a big role in the increases anxiety levels of teens today. Below are the ways parents cause anxiety.

  1. Parents often allow their children to use phones or other electronic devices as an escape from awkward or uncomfortable situations.
  2. Parents emphasize happiness almost too much. They will instantly do anything to make their children happy.
  3. Parents give their children unrealistic praise. While parents should praise their children, it important to do it thoughtfully and realistically.
  4. Parents don’t teach their children emotional skills. Kids lack of emotional skills causes them to struggle when they are out on their own.
  5. Parents change their parenting habits to get rid of unwanted emotions such as guilt and fear.
  6. Parents see themselves as more of protectors than guiders. They become overprotective of children and rid them of any unwanted emotions or situation

The six reasons listed above cause anxiety for teens overtime. Those habits of parents poorly prepare kids for life their own. Once they are out on their own, they don’t have anyone to rescue them as they were being rescued by their parents. This lack of knowledge causes anxiety levels to rise.

  1. Parents desire for their children to be be the best at everything. They do anything they can (hiring tutors or private coaches) to ensure there children are the best. This can pressure kids.
  2. Parents often push kids to overcome fears in the wrong way. They push them to hard causing them to have anxiety.
  3. The lack of free time given to kids also increases anxiety. When children have time to play alone and how they want, they become more comfortable with themselves.
  4. The way family hierarchies are set up today allows for anxiety. Parents often don’t take the control they should. This puts children in the spot of making decision they shouldn’t be making on their own.

The above reasons are more of a short term way parents are causing anxiety. By pushing them to overcome fear all at once and wanting their kids to be the best at everything, parents place unnecessary stress on children. This stress then leads to anxiety.

Parents can limit their children children’s anxiety by making sure their children know there is more than one right way to do everything. They should also always remind their children of their ability to overcome challenges and obstacles, both physical and mental. Parents should expose their children to uncomfortable situations. Exposing them to these situations prepares them for the future. While parents play a big role in causing anxiety, they can also play a big role in limiting it.

Information compiled from Psychology