Deliberate Distractions

Helen Bass, Media Co- Editor

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Many people argue that the wealthy have worked hard for their money, and they deserve it. When did it become okay for the top one percent to hoard an amount of money that they will never spend in their lifetime. People in Haiti have begun eating dirt and clay because they don’t even have enough money to buy a kilogram of rice, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has enough money to end world poverty 11 times over.

Ending world poverty completely isn’t the answer because some people wouldn’t use the help to better themselves or their situations. When I begin thinking of my own morals, I start to feel guilty. Even though I make two dollars and thirteen cents an hour, I still would regret not putting the money I do towards helping people, I can’t imagine sitting on top of millions and bringing in more money everyday and not using it to better the world we live in. I understand that having name-brand everything, expensive makeup, and other materialistic goods are nice, but when you have everything you truly need and still have an absurd excess of money, why wouldn’t you want to help?

There are children and families being torn apart, along with ethnic cleansings and genocides that we have no idea are even going on because we are too concerned with our own needs. Being born in this country has already placed us above a majority of the world. We are so concerned with the latest news on the Kardashians that we are failing to educate ourselves on what’s happening in our world.

We should call it a deliberate distraction: people are worrying about the latest Hollywood news instead of actual news happening all over the world. This could be a failed attempt to not think about how good they truly have it. They don’t want to put it in perspective how good they have it because people are dying from starvation and dehydration, even in our own backyards. Some people would just rather not know how awful our world can be to some.

Just because you don’t think about the destruction doesn’t mean it’s not happening. There are many things you can do to help. Helping others is a surefire way to make your heart skip a beat. That feeling when you know you’ve done something for the better good is a feeling that you’ll hold onto forever.

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