Benefits of Traveling

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Benefits of Traveling

Cassidy Duff, Editor

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Everyone loves to travel. It gives people a chance to just get away and forget their problems. There are many benefits that come with it.

Going on vacations can make people more intelligent by becoming more culturally aware, but more than that, they learn more about themselves and the kind of people they are. While traveling, individuals have to be able to solve problems that may arise, so it also creates independence if traveling alone.

Senior Brandon Garris stated, “My favorite part about traveling is being able to experience new places.”

If people are traveling with others, it also brings them closer to those people they love. Whether they are visiting an exotic island or somewhere in the mountains, being in an unfamiliar place tightens the bond that is already there. People have to overcome challenges together and just make amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

Ann Twigg reminsed on one of her traveling memories, “I remember the first time my girls and I flew to London.  It was Christmas Day night when we arrived, and there were maybe five employees working at the airport. We couldn’t find a cab, but we did find a bus. The driver told us he had just shut down for the night.  My youngest daughter, Elizabeth, started crying hysterically. He felt sorry for us and took us to our hotel for free. He ended up picking up a group of Irish men who kept wanting us to talk non-stop because they liked our southern accents.   I remember being a bit terrified then, but we look back on it now and laugh. It’s a memory we’ll always treasure.”

Besides all the fun that is to be had on trips, going out and seeing the world can also improve one’s health. It helps people to de-stress. Most are always so caught up in their lives that they forget to put aside time for themselves to relax. When traveling, there are no obligations; people can leave the reality of their everyday lives and just be care-free.

Seeing the world and experiencing things also makes a very interesting person. It gives them lots of stories to tell that are unique to them. Traveling provides life experiences and lessons that could not be obtained anywhere else.

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