Harry Potter Club At CFHS

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Harry Potter Club At CFHS

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There is a new, exciting club to check out at Carolina Forest High School; it’s the Harry Potter Club! It was started by freshman, Kailey Deemer, and it is sponsored by Mrs. Perry.

If you love Harry Potter, this is the place for you! Even if you don’t know much about the Wizarding World of Hogwarts, this is a great way to do so. If you have only seen the movies, don’t get discouraged. There is still time to join, and you may even make some friends in the process.

Deemer picks certain broad topics from Harry Potter and shares pictures and original thoughts that create enlightening conversation. They all discuss different questions that that are relevant to the topic for that week, and everyone can voice his/her own opinion. Discussing these topics would make your love for Harry Potter grow even larger.

Deemer states, “There is no wrong or right answer to the questions; it is all opinion-based.”

Deemer is also working on making Harry Potter-themed games to play as well. They even have mini-parties with sweet treats to celebrate important dates relating to Harry Potter, like a character’s birthday.

One of the main reasons for starting the club was to add more variety to our club offerings. There are many people that don’t have a place at this school, and this is a way for them to be represented and find something at school in which they are truly interested.

The first meeting, only my friends showed up. I kind of expected that; I mean it was a new club, so I figured there wouldn’t be many people. Recently, however, more members are joining and the club is growing! These meetings have given me a sense of responsibility and something to look forward in the week,” Deemer shares.

All of the members are reminded via email before each meeting, so the communication is not an issue.

Everyone is welcome to join at any time; there are no requirements that have to be met to be a part of this club!

Harry Potter Club meets every other Thursday during lunch in room C-111. The next one is April 11. Be sure to check it out!

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