2019 Horry County Special Olympics

Lilly Hortis, Staff Writer

I am currently in the Teacher Cadet and Prowler Digital Newspaper classes at Carolina Forest High School. Being in these classes often gives me opportunities to attend special events and activities through the school. One of the events is The Special Olympics.

As stated in previous article, https://cfhsprowler.com/5017/uncategorized/special-olympics/, the Special Olympics is a huge event held for students with intellectual disabilities. The games allow these students to shine and feel important whereas they may not at other times.

Each year different counties get together and hold The Special Olympics in their town. In these events, students with special needs compete in games such as a 50 or 100-meter run, baseball throw, tennis ball throw, wheelchair race, etc.

The Horry County Special Olympics was originally scheduled for April 9 but was cancelled due to rain. Knowing how much that Special Olympics impacts the special needs kids, it was rescheduled for April 26.  

Although the special needs love the Special Olympics, it also impacts others as well. A majority of volunteers are students from the participating schools. These students love to see there fellow students competing and having a great time.

Junior Lexi Acree enjoys helping at The Special Olympics because  “it’s a good opportunity to get outside and spend time those students and make them feel good about themselves.’’

Coach Sefick, who teaches at Carolina Forest High School and helps to organize our students’ participation at The Special Olympics shared, “Special Olympics is an amazing experience. It’s an eye-opening, inspiring day and really changes you as a person. Without our buddies, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Overall, The Special Olympics is an inspiring event. It makes you realize how easily and simply you can make someone’s day. If you are ever given the chance to attend the Special Olympics, you should definitely take it.