Birth Month Determines Personality

Alexis Acree, Staff Writer

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We have all heard of zodiac signs and their supposed correlation to what makes up your personality. Also known as astrology and although interesting, it is not science. That’s right; there is no scientific evidence that supports the fact that your zodiac sign determines how you think or behave at all. However, there are scientific studies that do support the fact that your birth month may contribute to your outlook on life and vulnerability to mental illness. Your birth month relativity to your actions can be contributed to multiple factors such as the amount of sunlight your birth month allowed for your mother to receive, feeding habits based upon the time of year and length of daytime. Do you find yours to be accurate?

January – People born in this month are typically reserved, sociable, yet stubborn. They always think twice before spending money, making them savers. They genuinely enjoy others’ happiness and making others happy. They are typically close to their parents as well.

February – February babies are usually confident in their own skin and decisive. They tend to be generally happy, yet realistic. One downfall of those born in February is their easily lost temper.

March – Those born in March have the potential to make a lot of money and be successful. Although they may come across as shy, they very well may have a lot going on under the surface. They are prone to addiction as well as understanding.

April – Smart, as well as driven, April babies are usually active, and fearless. They do however have to be cautious of being too bossy on the way to their goals.

May – Ruled by self-expression, May-born people are generally creative and may have a gift for an instrument or art. Because they spend so much time socializing with friends, they may neglect alone time, causing stress.

June – Constantly balancing the world around them, those born in June are peacekeepers. They rarely confide in others due to lack of trust. They also have trouble showing emotion, but are rather loving.

July – Caring, sympathetic and sincere, people born in July are very candid and well loved by those close to them. They have the potential to be geniuses but are also sensitive which means they are prone to depression which leads to cynical and sarcastic behaviour.

August – August babies are humorous and always the first to make others laugh. Big on romance, they are quick to get jealous due to their fiery, yet loving personality. They also tend to be sensitive and egotistical.

September – It is important for those born in September not to be too hard on themselves as they are prone to  have depression. They are detail-oriented and often spiritually inclined with an interest in their spirituality.

October – October babies are constantly soaking up information, making them relatively more knowledgeable than those born in other months. They are also known for being expressive and wanting to be the center of attention.

November – Always up for a good time, people born in November are always interested in spending time with those they love. Despite being easily stressed, they will always come out on top because of their determination. It is vital for them not to let their anger carry along with them.

December – With a busy social calendar, December babies are usually the belle of the ball. They hate restrictions and sometimes make risky decisions. They are almost always the first to get to work and the last to leave, as they are incredibly hard-working.

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