So Long, Show Choir Seniors!


Rebekah Anderson, Staff Writer

CFHS ShowCase Choir has won a numerous amount of awards and traveled to different states to participate in a variety of performances.  A total 103 hours of rehearsal is a great amount of time and effort put forth by our students and Director Kraig McBroom.

The group of students had their annual competition trip in New York City; it is called the Big Apple Classic. They placed first in best show choir and earned superior (gold) rating in show choir and concert choir. Senior Ja’Quan Shelton received an award for best soloist and sophomore Chance Hoover received an award for dance.

“After a sluggish start in August due to my back surgery and September due to the hurricane and flooding, this group of very talented and driven students came on strong to finish once again as champions. I could not be more proud,” shares our school show choir teacher Kraig McBroom.

As the year is coming to an end, the seniors commemorated their memories from their showcase experience.

“I’ll remember making new friends and meeting the person who always makes me so happy” shares Tristan Brown.

“I will always remember the new friends I made; I love them all so so much. They are my family!” exclaims Lindsay Mays.

“Something I will always remember is the audience we have. They are so loving and caring,”  comments Brandon Garris.

Congratulations to all show choir students for a phenomenal year! We are looking forward to seeing what next year has in store!