Getting Back into the Groove

Lilly Hortis, Co-Editor

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In my opinion, there is nothing harder than getting back in the groove of school after a long, fun-filled summer break. In addition, abrupt hurricane breaks do not help at all. In fact, we just came back from a week-long interruption due to Hurricane Dorian. We get our sleep schedule back on track and get used to a new daily routine, and then the hurricane hits. This break from the hurricane gives us just enough time to get back off our daily routine. There are several reasons that make going back after a break is hard.

Senior Alexa Beale says, “I feel like going back to school was not that hard because I know it’s an easy last year,  but the hurricane kind of messed up my groove.”

During summer, for the most part, we do what we want when we want, but when school comes along, that completely changes. Now, we have to make sure we are getting enough sleep so that we’re ready and able to do well in school which is every day. Another thing we have to get used to is all the work and assignments. Over summer, unless it’s within our job, we do not have any required assignments. Going back to school and receiving all our assignments can be stressful and take a little time to get used to.  Teachers sometimes feel the same way.

“I love meeting new students and seeing old friends every August, but I sure do miss all the books I’m able to read during the summer.  When school starts, it is hard to find the time; we are so involved with school activities and paperwork,” add Ann Twigg, one of our English instructors.

Despite the difficulty of going back to school, there are things we can do that will help us get back in the groove much, much faster. Easing back in routines is one thing that helps. About a week or so, start waking up earlier or going to bed earlier. This will help the transition into a school routine go much smoother. Be sure to start the first day back the right way. Making sure we have everything prepared the night before helps everything go smoother.  If the first day goes badly, it is more likely to continue badly. Lastly, maintain that routine. Keeping an everyday routine will help to get back in the swing of things in no time. 

It’s time to have a great year!!