When I Think of Coco

Kaya Ondra

When I think of Coco, I feel  Nanny’s warmth.

     And how she tucked me into bed with covers that were torn.

When I go outside and feel that summer breeze,

     I am reminded of my family, and how close we used to be.

I always have this longing for this place I once called home,

     So when I close my eyes and think, that is where I go.

When I think of water and how it always sways,

     It reminds me of the river, where my family always stayed.

As the wind goes past me and blows upon my head,

     I can hear the voices rising, rising from the dead.

They whisper sweet nothings, like how they’ve watched me grow.

     They tell me that they’re safe in heaven, and that’s where I’ll go.

I swear that I’m not crazy, it’s how I write my words.

     I’m being more descriptive, some would say absurd.

I reminisce with objects, small memoirs get me by,

     Like how a little bit of color can help define the sky.

So when you get the chance to think of those in need,

     Think about some coco and what it all can mean.