The World Ending – My Theory


Kaya Perry, Co-Editor

There are many theories as to how and why the world will end. Some say that the sun will expand, and others say that asteroids will bombard the earth such as they did when the dinosaurs were alive. However, I believe that the world won’t end, but the human race will.

As society and technology have advanced over the decades, pollution and climate change have become worse. There’s no way to stop future advancements, so these problems will only continue to worsen as time goes on unless something is done. This is where the end of the human population begins. 

Climate change is inevitable. The earth has gone through many climatic changes since its birth, and these changes show no remorse to the inhabitants of the planet. Since the growing problems of pollution have contributed to our climate change today, I believe that they work hand-in-hand in the destruction of the human race. 

This will cause the earth to continue to increase in temperature each year, such as it has been doing recently. If the increasing heat doesn’t kill off the human race, then the extreme cold afterward will. The heat might be tolerable enough for humans, but the cold comes with something that we won’t survive: an Ice Age. 

Although technology is always advancing, I don’t think society will be able to survive an Ice Age. The elite will try to hide away in bunkers while the less fortunate wither in the freezing temperatures. The world will become desolate and apocalyptic until humans cease to exist. Everything left behind will become overrun with nature and wildlife. 

The earth, however, won’t stay frozen forever. One day the ice will melt away and once again the earth will flourish with vegetation, such as it did before technology came along. A new species will replace humans and build from was left behind. The dinosaurs were replaced, so there’s no reason why mankind can’t be.