Say “No!” to Space Tourism


Kaya Perry, Co-Editor

Recently, there’s been talk of billionaires trying to make commercial space travel possible. This interests many people because only a few have actually been to space, and they were trained professionals. However, I think that commercial space travel is not a good idea, and it should not be supported.

Although I have been obsessed with space for many years now, I believe that humans should remain on Earth. This doesn’t mean I’m against further space exploration; I just believe that commercial space travel is something that shouldn’t be considered. Earth has so much to offer us, yet humans act like children and get bored with the beautiful things the earth shares with them. 

Many think that scientists have discovered almost everything about Earth, but that is far from being the truth. For example, only five percent of the ocean has been explored. This is crazy considering that the ocean covers approximately 71 percent of the earth. Before people are sent to space commercially, there should be a greater percentage of our own planet’s exploration. 

Although some people believe it to be, space is not an alternative place to live when the earth is no longer a viable living space. This has become a reason for commercial space travel. Humans are here on Earth because this planet holds the perfect living conditions for them. Mankind must do everything in its power to keep the earth the beautiful place it is. There’s no other planet like our world in this solar system for a reason.

People in this world have become selfish and forgotten that they don’t own the earth. The continuing advancements of technology and society have left them oblivious to the problems they’re putting on the earth. If more people were involved in saving the environment, then there wouldn’t be a need to have commercial space travel.