Where I’m From

Bailey Burnette

I am from books,

from pages and words.

I am from big backyards.

 (peaceful, open, quiet).

I am from the rose bush

the oak tree.


I am from home-cooked meals and brown eyes,

  from Beth and Cody and Robin.

I am from pride and carrying myself well, 

from Good Job to Pay Attention.

I am from Baptist songs,

  singing loud from the pews,

  full of soul for all to hear.


I’m from Cleveland and back roads,

  cornbread and sweet tea.

From the roads my dad took,

the dogs my mom owned,

and the rock n’ roll my grandpa showed me.


I am from photo albums,

  the moments they hold 

and the faces they hide from the light.

I am from a small town with a small family,

  with many faces to leave.