Christmas Traditions in The Forest

Christmas Traditions in The Forest

Sophie Gamble, Staff Writer

Most all of us do the same thing every Christmas season; we watch Christmas movies, decorate a tree, and celebrate the Lord above.  Some very common traditions to get you in the Christmas spirit are listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies. 

The most common tradition is setting up a Christmas tree and the excitement we grasp when we see our gifts resting under the tree on Christmas morning. Setting up a tree is a daily reminder of the most exciting day of the year. And, of course, spending time with family and friends is most important.

Morgan Doherty, a tenth grader, shares, “One of my family traditions is to get an ornament that represents us that year.”

Jenna Graziano, a ninth-grader, adds, “I enjoy playing games with my extended family on Christmas.”

The abundance of family dinners and holiday snacks also bring joy during this season.

Isaiah Ishmael, a senior, enjoys when his mother “cooks dinner for the whole family and the family gets to enjoy eating together.”

Watching Christmas movies is such a prominent tradition because we only view them once a year. On Christmas Day, the classic Christmas movie, “A Christmas Story” is shown all day long. 

“One Christmas tradition that my family has had since the day my brother was born was that we have stayed together every Christmas Eve. When we were young we would stay in the same room on Christmas Eve. And now that we both have our own houses and I have a family of my own, we still stay at the same house on Christmas Eve, that way Santa doesn’t have to make two stops,” says Jenna Mason, our Business and Marketing teacher.

We all have different Christmas traditions which makes the way we celebrate the Christmas holiday unique to our individual families.

“My family always eats lasagna for Christmas Eve dinner.  My mom also gets us Tootsie Roll banks for our stockings,” adds PLTW teacher, Jenna Miller.