Helping The Hungry

Helping The Hungry

Kaya Perry, Co-Editor

Approximately 11.3 % of the world’s population is living in hunger. Their lives are a constant, inescapable cycle of poverty. Americans get so caught up in their lives that they don’t even think about those people in need. Anyone can find a foundation to donate money to help them, but is there more that we can do? 

Underdeveloped countries are home to 98 % of the hungry. Could developed countries give more of their resources to fix their hunger problem?

This world has become stingy with money, resources, aid and much more. Government leaders are only willing to give if it makes their reputation look good or if they’re getting something in return.

The rich, developed countries only want to imperialize smaller, underdeveloped countries. Although traditional imperialization ended decades ago, a new modern type has arisen. It’s all centered around government ties, such as which countries are allies and what resources they have access to. The “elite” social class never faded, and they continue to have greater power over the people as time progresses. 

There are several ways to end hunger in these countries, and it all begins with teaching them ways to improve themselves. As long as they are willing, first world and third world countries can work together to develop plans and the skills needed for sustainability. However, it seems that there are too much war and anger for this intervention to actually happen. 

We can also teach these underdeveloped countries the responsibility for health and nutrition. It shouldn’t be difficult once they maintain sustainability. Teaching them this responsibility would help them deter from reoccurring illnesses and developmental disabilities that arise from living in poverty. From that point, their societies can only increase. It would take a while, but they would eventually become a developed country.

World hunger will continue to be a problem for as long as people choose to ignore it. This isn’t something that can just fix itself. Once the world stops being selfish, we can all work together to help everyone in need.