Through the Eyes of a Hopeful Girl

Isabella Gallivan

Through the Eyes of a Hopeful Girl

Through the eyes of a hopeful girl,

you see the best in people.

Through naive eyes and young ears,

you ignore the rumors and warnings;

holding onto a perfect fantasy.

Through the eyes of a big heart,

you see the boy that others don’t;

the boy who is capable of giving you the world.

Through optimistic love,

you look past the lies and disappointment;

After all, love is blind.


Through the eyes of a pure soul,

you can never know the person’s truth

behind the masks they wear. 

With a veneer of innocence

everything’s oblivious.

Through the eyes of innocence,

The world is good and no evil exists.

Through the eyes of a nurturer,

Everyone needs help,

even if that means giving pieces of you away 

Giving and giving until you have nothing left


As long as they are happy,

It’s worth it all.

In the eyes of caring more,

You realize that they don’t care like you do.

Know love like you do.


Through the eyes of thoughts,

memories bring back other memories,

And memories bring back you.

It all comes back to you.

Through the eyes of a broken heart,

You still try to do your best for him in the worst way.

You still love him but you can’t trust yourself anymore.

Despite the past,

You can’t help but love and fall for him.


You still feel haunted

Fighting the truth 

Trying to feel alright. 

Trying to feel love.

Trying to hide.



Through the eyes of me,

growing pains and responsibility.

Days pass, reminding me of lessons to be learned. 

Everything I took for granted.