Positive Vibes Amid the Chaos


Liam Kenny, Staff Writer

As our world continues to fight against a deadly and rapidly spreading virus, millions of people all around the globe are forced to stay in their homes and practice social distancing. Even though there have been a myriad of unfortunate things happening during this pandemic, we should take some time and think of so many of the positives that have taken place, which includes bonding times with family members and taking more time to take care of our own well-being.

Many people have used this time to become a better version of themselves, taking advantage of more time outdoors, creating healthy meals, and spending more time with family.

“During this corona chaos, I have learned coming together and supporting everyone is the first thing that makes us stronger than the virus. Family doesn’t just have to be your bloodline. It could be the neighborhood you live in, friends, coworkers, etc.  Right now everyone is considered family because we are all going through the same struggle right now,” shares sophomore Amarrah Carpenter.  

Freshman Kayleigh Arnold, adds, “I have had much more time to care for my pets and spend time with them. I’ve had much more time to do things like walk my dog and clean my room so I can enjoy quarantining since it’s inevitable.”

One-third of our world is under lockdown as we continue to try to deal with all the changes that have taken place.  As America and our world sporadically strives for reopening of schools, businesses, and other public venues, there are positive environmental factors to consider.  

According to The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), there has been a 30% decrease in air pollution over the Northeast United States, along with a 54% drop in Paris.  

Another positive environmental effect is that because most people currently work from home, we use less plastic, we print less paper and we shop less. All of these aspects contribute in a positive way to the environment. 

In a Newsweek interview, Steven Davis, an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth System Science at the University of California, Irvine, shares,  “In the long term, there are lots of folks talking about how the COVID-19 pandemic holds lessons and opportunities for environmental action.”  

In addition to positive environmental changes, many people have started making conscious choices when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Along with millions of people being forced to stay home, students have more time to help at home while completing their school assignments.

Thomas Sleasman, a freshman, states, “It has been easier to get housework done.”

Something that has been a positive effect of the coronavirus for myself is I have found myself spending a lot more time hanging out with my cousins on Xbox at night. We stay up until 11PM almost every night playing Fortnite.

To conclude, even though the coronavirus is one of the worst things that has happened to our world in many years, there have been many positive things that have come from it.