The NJROTC Program At CFHS


Carolina Forest High School offers the Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Program for students who plan to join the Armed Forces. Teenagers are taught self-confidence, self-discipline, and acquire leadership roles within the community. The program is rigorous, but it provides incentives to students who enroll for three or more years. As a result, young adults earn additional money in the military. 

Linxi Sun is a high-achieving senior at CFHS. Sun is known for her academic integrity and strong leadership skills. She plans to attend Coastal Carolina University in the fall.

Sun comments, “I decided to join the NJROTC Program because of several recommendations from friends. While in the program, I developed communication and mentoring skills. As a senior, I will miss being in an NJROTC unit because we were close like a family. NJROTC prepares students to become a leader, learn about accountability, and how it prepares them for the real world after graduation.”

 Sun speaks briefly about the activities and exercises that take place throughout the duration of the program. She addresses, “An NJROTC military inspection occurs when cadets are formed into platoons. This happens every Wednesday. Then, cadets are graded based on their NJROTC knowledge and uniform details. In addition, there are always opportunities for leadership roles in the NJROTC Program. We are equipped with platoon leaders, team commanders, and assistants each block. As a team, we are required to workout twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. Our physical test includes sit-ups, push-ups, and a mile run.”

Freshman Cloe Marks adds, “In NJROTC, we learn about courage, honor, and commitment. The activities within the program are a great way to stay involved at CFHS. In addition, there are multiple after-school teams that take part in community service events regularly. It is a good class to get scholarships and learn self-discipline. Overall, you really bond with your unit and it is not like a normal class.

Overall, the NJROTC Program at Carolina Forest High School provides students with immense opportunities. Community service and leadership roles prepare teenagers for college and the Armed Forces.