San Andreas Review


Liam Kenny, Staff Writer/Media Assistant

There are a variety of movies in the world that involve natural disasters, including hurricanes, floods, landslides/mudslides and earthquakes. Despite the tragic situations, many viewers enjoy the excitement and adrenaline rush.

One action-packed movie that involves earthquakes is called San Andreas. Ray Gaines is played by Dwayne Johnson, a Los Angeles search-and-rescue helicopter pilot.  He is having a somewhat normal day until the notorious San Andreas fault (roughly 745 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco) triggers one of the most destructive earthquakes in California.  

Buildings come crashing down like building blocks, leaving an aftermath of disaster.  Ray, along with his estranged wife Emma (Carla Gugino), attempts to find his daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario), who is in San Francisco amid all the chaos. 

The film includes a series of exemplary special effects, such as a gigantic tsunami and domino-falling buildings that depict worse case scenarios in the California cities.  

One reason why I like this movie is the detailed work that was created with the special effects.  The tsunami and the earthquake tremors are extremely realistic.  

Another reason why I like this movie is because I love studying and learning about natural disasters and because it shows how a simple alert/warning can save millions of peoples lives and because of how well the actors/actresses demonstrated all the emotions throughout the entire film.  The stunt work also was incredible. 

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is older than 10 years of age and likes to learn and watch how Mother Nature has such an impact on our planet.