Hand Chips for ID Purposes


Matthew Winchester, Staff Writer

Technology continues to get closer and closer to our bodies. Everyday people carry phones in their pockets and smart watches around their wrist, but did you know people are starting to put chips under their skin?

It sounds unrealistic.  However, according to Business Insider, Sweden, a country rich with technology, thousands of people have already had microchips implanted into their hands.

The chips are designed to speed up users’ everyday routine and make life more convenient. These chips make accessing the users’ home, office and gyms as easy as swiping their hand against digital readers.

They can also be used to store passwords, emergency contact details and tickets for events.

The creators behind the chips say they’re safe and protected from hacking, but many still question whether or not they’re safe.

“I wouldn’t get one of these chips because I fear that someone would find a way to steal my information,” said Kaya Perry, a senior.

The chips are about the size of a grain of rice and are typically inserted into the users’ thumb with a syringe. The operation costs about $180.

Biohax International is the company currently dominating the hand chip market. The chipping firm was started five years ago by Jowan Osterlund.

After spending two years on the chipping project, Osterlund is currently developing training materials so he can hire Swedish doctors and nurses to help with his workload.

“I think these would be a very cool idea. Instead of carrying around debit cards and having to remember passwords we could have it all in our hand. It would make life a lot more convenient,” said Chloe Gabriel, a junior.

According to Hannes Sjöblad, a founder of another chipping company, these chips are constantly being upgraded and changed. He predicts that in five to 10 years, all of our technology will be implantable.