Got Hobbies?


Liam Kenny, Staff Writer

Because of the shelter-in-place guidelines due to COVID-19, millions of people around the world have been out of school and working from home since the middle of March. Many have added new changes in their lives, such as eating new things, learning more about themselves or their families and trying out new hobbies.

Because students have been out of school, many of them have been able to put in more time for their hobbies. Chloe Marks, a freshman, states, “I like writing, reading and listening to music.”

There are a countless number of hobbies in the world. Some are good for family spending time, and some are helpful when it comes to a person’s health.

According to, the top hobbies in the world are reading, fishing, arts and crafts, collecting things, bird watching and listening to music.

Arwen Jegar, a junior, shares, “I love to read and write.”

Some other hobbies that are good to emphasize during times like these are gardening and playing video games.

With all of this awesome information about different hobbies around the world, let us acknowledge them and make them part of our new daily schedules.