Benefits of Reading


Matthew Winchester, Staff Writer

Reading is an everyday hobby for many people. What those people who enjoy reading may not understand is reading can actually benefit your life in many ways. Not only does reading make you smarter, but it can also increase your brain power.

One benefit of reading is that it reduces stress. A well-written novel or article can easily distract you from issues at work or in a personal relationship.

Reading books also gives the reader plenty of knowledge. Everything you read in books fills your head with little bits of information, and you never know when it might come in handy. The more knowledge you have, the more equipped you will be to face any situation.

“I have always loved to read. During my high school years, I would always try to go to the library during study hall periods. I would always be looking for new books to read. The school librarian noticed and started to recommend titles for me. I enjoyed reading a variety of genres, and I feel it helps me improve my vocabulary and concentration level,” said Timothy Nesbit, our media specialist.

Reading can also help you fall asleep. Even just 10 minutes of reading can push whatever is keeping you awake at night away. Bright lights from technology can signal your brain to wake up.

Another benefit of reading is vocabulary expansion. The more you read, the more vocabulary you’re exposed to. Having a wide variety of vocabulary helps increase job performance and self-esteem.

“I read a lot because I feel it makes me smarter, and it’s very entertaining,” said Chloe Gabriel, a junior.

Reading has many benefits and definitely worth spending time in a book, magazine, or newspaper daily so you can become more knowledgeable, expand your vocabulary and relieve stress.