Randonautica: What is it?

Randonautica: What is it?

Kaya Perry, Editor

A new app called Randonautica has begun to take the TikTok community by storm. Being stuck in quarantine has people willing to do almost anything to get out of the house, which includes going to a quantumly-generated place. 

Randonautica uses a quantum number generator to give its users, also known as randonauts, a completely random location to visit. There’s no way to know what users are going find until they get to the location. People engage in this app to add a spontaneous adventure into their lives since the location is a place where users wouldn’t normally go. 

This app was created based on The Fatum Project, which is a theory that if random locations are explored and/or researched, then it could have an effect on time and space. Many randonauts believe in The Fatum Project, but you do not have to be a believer to use the app. Its main use is just to get people out of their comfort zones and to try something spontaneous. 

Randonauts usually set an intention before they head to their given location. This helps them manifest a theme for their adventure. A user’s intention could be anything such as love, excitement, fun or even mystery. Although it is not promised that randonauts will find their intention, it’s best to set one and be mindful when doing so to stay out of danger. 

Most randonauts tell their stories on Reddit. There are posts upon posts of pictures and stories of what people have found. One randonaut had set his intention to peace. He could’ve found a peace sign somewhere or maybe the word peace scrawled on a building or piece of wood. 

Instead of those things, he found a very peaceful sitting area. It was calm, quiet and had a resting bench. The randonaut said he was very pleased with his find and felt at ease in this area. He stated that it was only a few minutes from his house. 

I decided to go randonauting with some friends to get a feel of what it’s like. Unfortunately, we did not find anything too interesting. The first points led us to someone’s house, so we couldn’t explore there. The second points lead us to the middle of a road that I had never been on. However, we did not get out to explore the road. We did continue down the road to the end and found a small boat landing. There was a path that guided us several feet into the woods. When we went to the end, we found wood planks and a seat from a boat that had washed ashore from drifting down the river.

It wasn’t a huge find, but at least we found something. I would definitely use the app again. I feel as though I may find something very interesting in the future. I love adventuring, and Randonautica provides a perfectly random adventure. However, I would always go with another person just to be cautious because you never know what you’ll find. 

All in all, randonauting is a fun pass time for anyone who is bored and looking for a spontaneous adventure. There may not be a successful find every time, but that’s why users keep trying. This is a fun app that more people should try.