School Before and After the Pandemic


Sidney Croland, Media Editor

The COVID pandemic has caused many changes for our first semester at CFHS.  Students and teachers are adjusting to wearing masks, eating lunch in classrooms, and balancing a hybrid schedule.  

Gabrielle Hanson, a freshman, states, “Classes have decreased in size significantly, and everyone wears a mask.  Going to the media center is really weird.  I’m so used to picking up a bunch of books.”  

On another note, Meadow Myers, a sophomore, shares, “I think less people are talking which makes it more awkward, and I feel badly for the teachers because they’re so stressed out.”

Senior Claudia White is disappointed that her senior year is not what she dreamed it would be.  “I can’t see my friends anymore because they are all in Group B. I can’t go to any pep rallies or have all my senior privileges.”

Most of the students who shared their answers prefer how school was last year because of being able to socialize and like group work.

Olivia Merriam, a senior, shares that it is hard on the hybrid schedule.   “I cannot hear what other people have to share [in Google Meets], and it’s hard to discuss things with others when the class is so small.”

However, there are many teachers and students who like the smaller class sizes because of less distractions and more one-on-one time.

Sarah Satterfield, a freshman, believes that smaller class sizes are better for everyone.  “Smaller class sizes are more efficient because it allows for more attention on each individual student, and teachers can recognize the kids that are struggling and need help.”

The students have many opinions on what could be improved to make this unusual time feel a little more normal. 

A junior, Braylyn Williams, agreed with 36 other students that lunch should go back to normal. He expresses, “I would like to be able to hang out with my friends during lunch or at the beginning of the day.” 

A little more than 10 students proposed that masks should be optional to make this strange time feel more normal. 

Dylan Lamont, a junior, says, “I myself don’t talk much while wearing a mask, so students shouldn’t have to wear masks if they don’t want to. The people who are worried about the pandemic can just wear masks.”

 Most students and teachers wish we could go back to normal. Even though many things are different this year, it is important to stay positive and try to make the best out of these circumstances.