Sean Sandes

The sport of basketball is like an art.

The court is the canvas and the player is the brush and the ball is his paint.

The playing style of each player is like the painting style of a painter.

The scoreboard is the player’s muse and the fans his inspiration.


The player faces creative blocks just like the painter.

Slow starts, shots not falling and bad chemistry can ruin the artwork.

The opposite of this can produce a masterpiece where the scoreboard is something of a beauty to look at.

Like art, basketball needs all pieces to come together and blend well like colors and textures in a painting.


Sometimes like life our paintings and games do not go as planned.

It might be a feature which doesn’t come out right or a play which doesn’t go well.

When this happens an artist don’t cry over spilled paint.

Every mistake reveals something new and shows what you need to improve in your craft.


Like painting the game gets messy but artist’s always have a vision to bring something to life so they rise up to the challenge.

As complicated as it is like painting the game nothing if not fun to the Artist. 

Every game played is a finished project and inspiration for the next canvas.

There is no greater satisfaction for an artist than looking at their work and seeing what they envisioned come to life.