Do You Get Enough Sleep?


Max Stefanchik, Staff Writer

One of the keys to a healthy lifestyle is getting an ample amount of sleep. It is one of the most important functions that our bodies need to carry out, yet most Americans do not even get the recommended eight hours. Sleep has a direct correlation with our mental health, our physical health, our concentration and productivity and even our athletic performance. So why is it that most Americans cannot get enough sleep?

Junior Sean Sande says, “It has a direct negative effect on my work performance and my energy in athletics when I get a poor night of sleep.”

Most Americans are not getting enough sleep because of the stress of their everyday lives. Many people’s priorities align with their work schedules, health, and exercise, leading most people to have poor sleep schedules.

With many Americans having high paced lifestyles that revolve around work, going to the gym, raising a family, and practicing other hobbies, there is another major cause to the sleep deprivation crisis in America. Guilty of scrolling through your social media before dozing off to sleep? According to TechRepublic, 66 percent of Americans who sleep with their phone directly after scrolling. 

You might think to yourself, why does this have an impact on the amount of sleep I am getting? Well, the cell phone you are using is emitting blue light from the screen which is consequently causing the body to decrease melatonin production. The more we scroll and use our phones, the less sleep we get and the more our sleep patterns will be disrupted.

Sleep is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, which is why if you have an irregular sleep cycle, you should try exercising daily, eating less before bed, and setting a more realistic bedtime routine. Thinking about the things going on in your life that may be stressing you out such as school, work, or family issues. While this is not easy with the modern day stresses of life, something to help is to use your bed as only a place to sleep. This will lead to mentally and psychologically thinking of your bed as a safe space where you can relax and peacefully rest.

With a conscious effort to change sleep patterns, you will see an increase in energy, productivity, and relationships with people. Instead of spending that last hour before going to bed binging one more episode or scrolling through Instagram, try a cup of chamomile tea, read a few chapters from a favorite book and doze into a blissful night’s sleep.