Concert Safety During the Pandemic

Madeline Maggi / Sophomore, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has changed and impacted the world that we live in. With 2021, we are beginning a brand new era with new requirements and laws because of the virus.In 2020, restaurants are closed, concerts postponed and canceled, masks are mandatory, social distancing is a must, and much more. Now places and events are beginning to open up but with specific guidelines like masks and social distancing. 

Concerts are limited but still happening now. One thing people wonder is if it is safe to go. I have recently been to a concert with guidelines because of COVID-19; I feel it is safe as long as the regulations are followed.

Concerts have more guidelines than other places. Some of the guidelines are masks being mandatory, social distancing during the show and outside of stage, and limited seating available so getting tickets is much harder to buy because everything is online. 

Mrs. Jenn Myers, a teacher at the SOAR Academy, recently went to a concert and said, “They took temps of everyone at the door. Masks were required. Tickets were sold in pods in 2-4-6 people at half capacity.” 

Many places in Myrtle Beach are having shows safely. The Carolina Opry, Alabama Theater, and the House of Blues Restaurant and Bar are the most popular places open right now. Each place is required to social distance, and each person has to wear masks. Limited seats/tables are available so buying a ticket is hard. The Carolina Opry and Alabama Theater are mostly doing their own shows, but some bands and tributes are performing still. Shows are still fun for the family to enjoy!

Now the question is, will you go to a concert? Going to a concert is still fun, but staying safe is still important. 

Amya Bessent, a sophomore at Carolina Forest High School, claims, “I believe it is safe only if things are being disinfected, and people are social distancing and wearing masks.” 

Each concert venue has different procedures, but you can still have a great time alone or with the family. Concerts are the best!