Five Days – We’re Back!

Throughout this school year, we have experienced crazy changes. Due to the still rising numbers for the COVID-19 virus,we started after Labor Day with a hybrid schedule. The hybrid schedule includes half capacity of students going face-to face-for two days each week and then continuing the other three days online. 

A few months ago, Horry County Schools  made a decision to start allowing students to go back to school full time face-to-face.  Some students have found it difficult doing hybrid. Other students are excited to go back to school. (Students in our elementary school went back to school all five days first.  Horry County Schools has been gradually making  progress with CFHS and other high schools in our area.  

Students, teachers, and parents received confirmation on April 12 that CFHS will return to five days on Monday, April 19.

Many students and teachers are going to have to adjust to the new schedule. 

Junior Jameil Barns states, “I really like the hybrid schedule because I don’t feel as stressed out with school work like I usually do with five days.”

Freshman Kaley Pierro comments, “I really want to come back. I’m struggling with online school, and I feel like teachers don’t understand that I can’t be at home three days a week doing school. It doesn’t work for me and my family.” 

Going back to school all five days has its pros, but then again like everything else in the world it has its cons. At the end of the day, it’s people’s preferences and fear which persuades them to think the way they do.

Some challenges that students, teachers and families might face going back all five days would be disrupting up their schedule this late in the year. Many have adjusted to this type of learning, though it’s unorthodox. Going back all five days could throw them off and might take some adjusting to do.

The risk of another COVID outbreak is a big factor with everyone going back to school again. As we all know, COVID spreads easily, and people haven’t been vaccinated with all those factors. Going back with a lot of people are at a high risk. Then, going back to school could overall make the recovery process to everything going back normal so much slower. It only takes one outbreak to make everyone quarantine again, and then we’re back to square one. 

Most parents will find going back full-time very helpful for them to cooperate with their work schedules.  Throughout the pandemic , parents have taken on the role as a teacher to their children at home to make sure they are getting the proper education while adjusting while not going face-to-face grades will hopefully improve due to the face-to-face learning, which was in face-to-face learning. The student will be in class for teachers to help more.

Camille Edwards, one of our English II and III teachers, shares, “My favorite part of teaching is being able to do fun, creative projects in the classroom and around campus with my students. Being back five days will allow us to do that more often! I am definitely excited.” 

Another pro for going back all five days will be an improvement in mental health. Mental health is extremely important.  By being back to school five days a week, students wouldn’t feel alone.  It is easy to get unmotivated while doing homework at home due to COVID. This will help someone mentally because this would give students the confidence to  gain that motivation back and that strive to continuously improve. The motivation leads to better grades, setting goals for yourself , and striving to be a better person overall.