Is Technology Being Overused in Schools?


Madeline Maggi, Staff Writer

Technology has definitely evolved throughout the years, but it doesn’t stop schools from using it inside and outside of the classroom.Some students don’t realize the importance of the use of technology in schools; many of them  think these electronic devices are given for games and social media in school, but it is not. 

Most of us have parents who grew up before technology took over our lives. They didn’t have social media or games like “Among Us.” All of their technology didn’t have the Internet, and email was something new.  They didn’t worry about how many likes or views they had on a particular posting.  There was much more social interaction.  

Having all the modern day technology in today’s world has changed the way education is taught. The pandemic has shown students that they do learn better in person instead of an electronic device. Plus, schools have given a second option to parents to do full-time virtual instead of in person school all year only. I feel students are too focused on staring at the screen of their own school device rather than the teacher. It has caused some  frustration.

The pros of technology in school include receiving quicker feedback, making school more fun, and helping with assignments. 

Amya Bessent, a sophomore, says, “I don’t think that technology is being overused because with technology we have access to more helpful sources than before.”

There are cons to the technology, too. Some cons include cheating is easier, it can cause a huge distraction, and students have to have a good internet connection. 

Bren Allen, one of our CFHS teachers, adds his thoughts. “I think we overuse technology in the classroom. I understand that technology is growing and some/most of it is very helpful, but I think we have started depending on technology too much over the last couple of years. I am old school. I love paper and pencil even though technology does make some things within the school easier.”

Many schools have just let technology take over the education and lesson plans; I do feel that technology is overused in schools. According to Newschools Venture Fund, 57% of students say that they use digital learning to learn everyday while 65% of teachers say they use digital learning to teach everyday. Teenagers are spoiled with the technology we use even outside of school. 

Hopefully, our society will realize how important it is to communicate  and socialize in person instead of through emails or texts.    

Schools need to reconsider technology to be able to allow us to have a normal social life. It has formed a huge gap of miscommunication. If they reconsider, a new way of education could be formed.