Remote Working: Is It For You?

Remote Working: Is It For You?

Bayli Soles, Staff Writer

In a recent flexjob survey in 2015, it was estimated that almost 45% of US employees worked remotely, mostly from home. By the end of 2021, it was estimated about 50% of the workforce will be working remotely, even though there are flexible schedules, part-time hours, and freelance assignments. However, with everything, there are pros and cons. So before you change from working in an office to working at home or from another location, you might want to consider the advantages and disadvantages. 

Some of the advantages include working from anywhere and at any time, along with more flexibility, less cost, and fewer interruptions. One of the advantages is work from anywhere and anytime. You no longer are limited to a location or time. The traditional 9-5 working day no longer applies. Another one is flexibility. You would be in charge of your schedule and possibly more efficient. Working from home could also suit your family life. If you have the freedom to take them to school and attend sports functions. As long as you get the job done and meet the deadlines. It is less costly because you no longer have to pay for transportation, eating out for lunch, and purchasing a wardrobe. Less interruption is another huge advantage in this is fewer interruptions. Working from home can offer you the ability to get in a zone and buckle down to complete your assignment.

Hayley Twigg, a 2011 Carolina Forest High School graduate, presently works for Hissho Sushi as the marketing program specialist, she has been working remotely since February. 

“I love working remotely because of the freedom. I can travel and work from wherever I want and whether that is in Peru, California, or home in Myrtle.I have also grown with responsibility and self-dedication since you have to hold yourself accountable to get the work done.”

There are also some disadvantages as well, such as loss of motivation, lack of social life, dependency on technology and not knowing your boundaries. It is so easy to lose motivation and not being able to focus. It is important to know how you are spending your time and make sure you structure yourself. Lack of social life is a huge one. You are not around people like you used to be all the time. You can no longer ask your co-workers to check your work. Another example is you are now so dependent on technology than you were before. If your wifi goes out you no longer have a way to do your work nor do it on time. Students do not attend google meets because they don’t think that it matters as much as it would if you were face to face.

Becky Tighe a teacher who was virtual first semester but came back face to face “Despite the disadvantages, I like being back on campus. It provides a structure to my life. I have a daily routine that I am required to follow; it provides order to my life.”