For the Love of Surfing

Julianna Carnucci, Staff Writer

At Carolina Forest High School, many sports are offered for our students. One sport that we don’t offer that many of our students participate in is surfing. Surfing originated in the 12th century in Polynesia. Historically in Hawaii, the creation of surfboards was used during the practice of religious rituals. Due to living near the beach, surfing is a fun and invigorating sport, especially in the summertime.

Many people believe surfing helps them feel relief from all their challenges in daily life. 

One of our student surfers, junior Dylan Donahue, shares “I like surfing because it is a way for me to escape from the outside world.” 

Surfers like Donahue also want more of our students to be involved in surfing. 

Donahue added, “More people should surf because it is a really good stress reliever and also a great workout”. 

Some surfers believe that surfing is a way to bond with other people.

One of our juniors, Charles Ann Macdonald, says, “I like how stress-relieving surfing is, but I think the main reason I surf is that it is something really fun to do with my friends.”

Surfing is important to some people because of the freedom they feel. 

One of our students, Victoria Sanseverino explains,  “I like surfing because of the adrenaline rush the ocean gives you, and how free you feel when it is just you riding the wave, but it is also really peaceful and calming to feel the water and it feels so good when it is just you and the water.”