Nature vs. Nurture

Nature vs. nurture: what waters grow the best? Do only genes contribute to skills/ abilities and capabilities? Are both true, or do financial limitations cause the differences between fit, not fit, smart, not smart.  In my eyes, we  all have the means to achieve any wants or idealiations. Dreams are had by everyone however the ones who wake up and chase them is who reaches them. To explain, let me tell you my story.

Statistically speaking if nurturing had nothing to do with growth, I wouldn’t be here nor would a chunk of my generation. Trauma has stunted the growth of so many children with potential. Some of them weren’t lucky enough to have an escape like I did. If nature is the only contributing factor to intelligence or skills, however, I shouldn’t even be in high school right now.

Nurturing anything helps it.  There really isn’t a rebuttal. I am a standing testament to the fact that with love and basic care anything can be fixed. It only depends on how bad it’s wanted. If you want to grow or help others grow make sure you water them.

Honestly both nature and nurture contribute to who you are. However it’s up to you whether you let the bad or good get more nurture. We’re born with a hand if cards, but if you don’t play you’ll go in and out with the same hand. Kindness and love will forever go far. Make the right choice.