No Degree? No Problem!

No Degree? No Problem!

Dreme Davis, Staff Writer

College seems to be the pavement to a successful future. That’s not really the case. There are numerous jobs where the only degree you need is a high school diploma. The cost of books, tuition and other expenses in college can get quite pricey. Although college graduates tend to make a little bit more; some tend to make less. 

Kristen Harton is a guidance counselor at Palmetto Academy for Learning Motorsports (PALM) Charter High School.

“There is a high demand in healthcare with many positions that can be certified in two years or less. Some individuals can receive associate’s degrees or even obtain training for a CDL or heavy equipment operator license. There is even training to be a drone pilot. There are also a variety of computer classes to enhance skills/qualifications for better pay in other jobs.” 

Two popular careers that do not require a four year degree are medical record technicians and nuclear power reactor operators. A medical record technician is a job that requires you to handle paperwork of patients and organize data for billing. The employment rate is 3.9%. This job usually requires a post secondary certification, but some may be open to high school diplomas. The median annual wage is $42,630. Nuclear power reactors operators adjust control rods, which affect how much electricity a reactor generates. The training for this job is usually just one-two years of on the job training. The jobs usually look for people with good communication skills. The median annual wage is $94,300. 



Welders, diesel mechanics, Electrical lineman, technicians and plumbers can be trained/certified in less than a year and have an associates degree in two years.  Big employers like Boeing and even small businesses even help pay some or all education expenses once employed.

Small businesses are also a great source of income. The income will vary with what you decided to do and the connection you have and create. You can start your own business by selling beauty supplies or other products that are in high demand.  This is especially true with the increase of remote work that has resulted with the pandemic.  With having your own business, your hours can be adjusted to fit your personal schedule. With the right connection, your business can go far in many ways.  

Although it’s recommended for you to get a degree, there are plenty of other options to live a comfortable life without having to go to college.