Flashback to Freestyle Music Park

Flashback to Freestyle Music Park

Madeline Maggi, Writer

Back in 2008, Freestyle Music Park, located on George Bishop Parkway, existed first as Hard Rock Park. In 2009, Hard Rock Park obtained a brand new owner and was renamed as Freestyle Music Park.When it opened in 2008, the park received positive reviews and lots of guests. It closed after that year due to financial issues.

There were multiple roller coasters and other attractions for everyone who loved music. Also, concerts were sometimes held at the park.

Each section of the park had a different theme based on music. Some sections had a show or event to go along with the rides and restaurants.

When Hard Rock Park changed over to Freestyle, there were many changes. The main roller coaster used to be Led Zeppelin themed until Hard Rock changed to Freestyle. It was renamed to Time Machine. Time Machine used different music for the ride since it wasn’t all based on Led Zeppelin. Even the firework show at the end of the night brought new music and a different name. The old fans of Hard Rock Park became very upset with the new names for all the rides and remodeling of the park. Hard Rock Park had more business than Freestyle.

Sean O’Malley, one of CFHS’s music teachers, said, “I loved getting to visit HRP on vacation as a kid! The rides, shows, and attractions were all so incredibly themed and would rival any major theme park in the world today. I particularly loved the Nights In White Satin ride and the Led Zeppelin Roller Coaster. Each night they’d have this amazing fireworks show set to Bohemian Rhapsody. It used so many different effects to accentuate the fireworks, including: lasers, fog, and fireworks attached to kites. When they switched the name they essentially gutted the park of all the brilliant intellectual property and it lost a lot of it’s charm. I definitely was sad to see many of the attractions I loved lose the music I loved, or be changed completely. For years I hoped that it would come back…that some angel investor would swoop in and resurrect the park that rock built; however, now that everything has been sold off, I don’t think they will.”

Once Freestyle Music Park closed, it caused many emotions to spread because now all Myrtle Beach was left with was Family Kingdom. Plu,s a music park was first of its kind. Having the music park open at a bad time is understandable to why the park closed. However, you would think since Myrtle Beach is a tourist area, there would be a ton of people who would like to visit a music-themed park. Having this huge economic problem back in the 2000s caused issues everywhere. Maybe if the park would have opened earlier or after the issue, then it would be open to this day and have a ton of business.

Freestyle Music Park will always be remembered as the first music park in Horry County.