Outer Banks: Season Two Wrap-Up


Rachel Durkin, Staff Writer

After the return of Outer Banks Season Two, many people have mixed emotions about the show. Although the show became an instant hit for Netflix, many believe that it should have played out a different way or that it was a repetitive season of people coming back to life. However, this action filled film keeps you on your toes constantly with its 10 new episodes.

Throughout the show almost every character has faced death, especially in season two. Sarah Cameron, Ward Cameron (a few times), Pope, and even JJ when he fell into the water. 

I ventured around campus and asked a few people their personal opinions about the show.

Ciara Gilbert, a sophomore, claims, “I really think that too many people are coming back to life.”. 

The main talk of fans is the last episode.

The plot of the last episode is all about the Cameron’s trying to take Sarah and move the entire family to a private island to escape their legal and financial issues. Once the Cameron family kidnaps Sarah onto the ship, John B, Pope, JJ, and Kiara sneak onto the ship in an attempt to save Sarah and take back the cross. At this point, Sarah finds out her dad, Ward, is alive which shocks many viewers because a few episodes before, it shows Ward in a boat that exploded. After lots of fighting, the pogues get away but Rafe manages to save the cross for himself.

Freshman Madison Harris says, ”My least favorite episode of Outer Banks is the last one because it was very annoying when Rafe got the cross and his dad was still alive, and it was just a lot going on.”

Meaja Dozier, a freshman, agrees, ”My least favorite thing about Outer Banks was the last episode because Ward came back after he was supposed to be dead and then the son Rafe was able to get the cross while the pogues got away and they survived.”

Presently, Outer Banks is ranked number 6 in the US according to Netflix but stood at number one for some time. With its release date being close to another Netflix original, All American, it means a fight for the top rankings and watch times. Outer Banks also has not yet announced a release date for season three, but rumors say mid-2022.