Do Crystals Really Work?


Nicole Herrera, Staff Writer/Media Producer

The benefits of crystals are taking the world by storm, and Gen Z are those who are taking these elements into interest. Lately, crystals have been gaining popularity on TikTok, capturing users with their vibrant colors and “energy.” 

Crystals are thought to be an alternative method of healing meant to absorb, diffuse and focus energy throughout the body. Because of the vibration wavelengths, the energy can travel throughout the body causing chakra and energy healing. 

The question often arises, “Do crystals really work?” Rumors have it that these stones hold energy that can heal people both emotionally and physically, and people are not taking their chances. At the same time that skepticism rises, more crystals are being purchased and used. 

Science teacher Timothy G. Barker states, “Everything has energy. Do I believe it has the ability to absorb negative energy and help people? Potentially.” 

Crystals are formed when molecules start to gather in cooling liquid and harden or when magma hardens, starting the process of crystallization. 

A study conducted by the University of California Los Angeles College of Letters and Science found that crystals do hold energy. These crystals have so much energy that they conduct various wavelengths of vibration.  

Francesca Urso, a sophomore, claims, “I keep them [crystals] on me at all times. They help my overall mood and keep me in line with my intuition.” 

Different crystals are meant to have different meanings and help assist in certain areas. Amethyst, for example, is used to bring calming energy and relieve stress while carnelian is said to boost confidence and self-awareness. 

“I usually always have some type of carnelian or tektite on me. It makes me feel more secure with my crystals at hand,” adds Urso. 

Although crystals may seem like basic rocks, the natural stones contain healing energy to calm the mind and soul. 


Amethyst Rose Quartz Carnelian  Citrine 
Relieves stress

Balances mood swings

Dispels anger

Activates spiritual awakening

Attracts love

Increases blood circulation 

Relieves stress

Boosts confidence

Promotes creativity 

Assists lower back pain

Assists in fighting depression 

Activates intuition 

Increases creativity

Protects from negative energy 

Promotes happiness

Increases confidence