The Importance of Extracurricular Activities


Rachel Durkin, Staff Writer

At Carolina Forest High School, we have many extracurricular activities that include anything outside of academics such as the arts, clubs, sports, music, etc. We all have things we are good at and things that interest us, and it is important to have an outlet for creativity in our lives. By participating in these activities, you are able to meet new people and so many new friends while also relieving stress. 

David Kelly, a phycologist specialist, explains, “An extracurricular activity gives adolescents the opportunity to strengthen not only their physical and mental health but also allows for social interaction with others, who they can share their stresses and anxieties with people who are at the same life stage as themselves.” This provides a reason for the friendships that can be created through the time spent with your teammates or club members.

Gabby Hanson, a sophomore, shares, “For me, being involved with school and being a part of extracurriculars like cross country, Student Council, Panther Ambassadors, and The Prowler have completely changed my high school experience for the better. I have made many new friends, gained many new people skills, and made an impact on others while they do the same for me.” 

Hanson explains how high school has had a huge impact on her, allowing it to reflect on others as well. Her participation in extracurricular activities have made a better high school experience for her while still focusing on her schoolwork and class work. She also is a prime example how multiple extracurriculars can help with skills such as impacting other people’s lives and bettering herself at these activities such as cross country.

Kiera Lordi, also a sophomore, states, “It is important to be involved in the school and make new friends because it can help you find new interests and help you with the path of your future.”

Kiera is a secretary in Student Council and plays tennis in her free time. She explains how participation in new things can help you find things that you enjoy and may not know it yet while also impacting your future.

Toni McDowell is one of our AP Human Geography and AP Micro-Economics teachers. She also has two sons in Horry County Schools.

McDowell shares her thoughts, “You should get involved with extracurricular activities so you have a sense of belonging to Carolina Forest High School.”

She says a sense of belonging as in finding people and interests while spending time making connections throughout the school.

Participation in these activities can really affect a person mentally and physically.

In the article written by David Kelly, “An Investigatory Study into the Relationship between Extracurricular Activities and Stress/Worry In Exam Years”, he also states, “Music is also used widely to reduce anxiety and stress levels. The use of this is in a therapeutic method called music therapy, which involves carefully selecting music to facilitate stress and alleviate anxiety.” 

As we usually think of sports and clubs as main extracurriculars, all are based on interest and availability. Many enjoy creating music or even just listening to it to facilitate stress and alleviate anxiety.

On Wednesday, September 8, Carolina Forest High School had a virtual club rush for CFHS students wanting to participate in extracurriculars. There are over thirty clubs and forty-seven athletic teams including middle school sports. There are so many ways to get involved at CFHS, and we hope you attend club rush during advisory.