Is The New Netflix Movie Really All That?


Autumn Lowery, Staff Writer

Who would have thought that a social media influencer would become the newest movie star?

The biggest streaming service, Netflix, has completed a remake of the well known 90’s Rom-Com, “She’s All That,” with a twist. The remake is called “He’s All That,” and instead of the boy turning the nerdy girl into a popular high school chic, it is now the girl turning the anti-social boy into the most popular guy in school!

With everyone excited about this new movie, many were also excited to find out who the star is, Addison Rae.

Addison Rae, one of the biggest social media influencers and most known for her following on TikTok, has taken on the main role in the movie.

After a long wait, the movie finally released Aug 25, 2021. The movie starts with Padgett (Addison Rae), a social media influencer, calling it quits with her boyfriend on a Live Video, causing her to be humiliated.

To redeem her status that she can make anyone popular such as her boyfriend, she takes on the challenge to make the anti-social guy and turn him to the one everyone wants.

Ever since the release, many people have voiced their opinions and seem to be not so happy with the outcome.

A review written by a very well known critic, Randy Myers, stated, ” ‘He’s All That’ is uninspired, inconsistent and uninteresting and owes what little wattage it manages to flicker to Buchanan and Cook.” 

Another known critic, Jordan Julian, shared, “A movie about how anyone can be an actor now, regardless of one’s (lack of) qualifications or talent for the craft.” 

People have also taken to social media in agreement to this opinion. People are upset with the casting of the film due to the fact that the main star, Addison Rae,  isn’t an actor.

Overall, the movie lacked in many things and didn’t serve the “She’s All That” justice. One thing that did come out of the film was a multi-picture signing deal between Addison Rae and Netflix. This means the most recent acting star will now be featured in more Netflix films. Addison will also executive produce the films.