Carolina Forest Language Department

Carolina Forest Language Department

Carolina Forest High School has been blessed with an outstanding language department, including multiple linguistic clubs, honor societies, and classes. Understanding and appreciating other cultures is vital in today’s world, which is why CF strives to provide these opportunities to its students. 

 Ms. Tracy Stroud, CF’s Department of Foreign Language chairperson, speaks about the importance of languages. 

“Languages are important because they open up others to the culture and make you better understand people and tolerate differences.”

Here at CFHS, we offer beginner classes through the highest levels of Spanish and German. Both of these languages have I – IV levels, along with AP classes.

Gissell Trujillo, a senior Spanish student, shares her love for our school’s extensive language opportunities. 

“I love the ability to take AP classes, especially AP Spanish, because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about my own language and culture.”

German is something very unique that we offer at CFHS, rather than the usual French. Mrs. Boyle, a German teacher and club sponsor, shares her opinion on the benefits of the German language.

“I think German is underrated. It is really sought out after in universities, especially in science and engineering areas. Also, there are over 160 German businesses that operate in South Carolina, so it is helpful to know.”

Furthermore, we have a variety of cultural language clubs, including Italian Club and German Club. Though these clubs are not fully functioning right now due to the pandemic chaos, they reflect our commitment to an inclusive school environment. 

Mrs. Judith Giganti, the Italian Club sponsor, believes in the value of experiencing various cultures in school, “I personally think it is very important to have an Italian Club because we do not offer it here at Carolina Forest as a foreign language. It gives students the opportunity to branch out.”

Lastly, we have branches of linguistic honor societies here at Carolina Forest, including Spanish National Honor Society and German National Honor Society. Students may apply and become inducted beginning junior year. 

In conclusion, Carolina Forest offers a diverse range of languages through clubs and classes. It is important to study foreign languages because they teach and encourage respect for other people. It fosters an understanding of the interrelation of language and human nature, expanding one’s view of the world.