Would You Survive the World’s Scariest Haunted House?


Rachel Durkin, Staff Writer/Media Producer

Is eight hours in a haunted house too much?

The scariest haunted house in the world is McKamey’s Manor, created by Russ McKamey and located in Lawrence County, Tennessee. This haunted house is known for their 40-page waiver and the experience being like a real life horror movie. The manor is a nonprofit that has no entry fee, but he instead accepts dog food for his pet dogs and offers $20,000 for anyone to make it all the way through. No one has yet to do so.

To make it through the house, participants are required to stay for eight hours, but the maximum time someone has ever spent inside was six.

MVOrganization backs this by adding, “While no one has ever lasted the full eight hours, McKamey says that in 2014 the record holder, known as Sarah P, lasted six hours inside the house before giving up.”

The waiver signed by the participants is no joke. According to a volunteer guide, it “lists possible risks which include having teeth extracted, being tattooed, and having fingernails removed.”

The participants have to be 21 and older to go through the manor and the list for those willing to go in is over 24,000 people. Since the experience is so extensively terrifying, the participants are allowed a safe word. 

Amy Milligan, a participant in McKamey’s Manor shared, “I’m telling them I can’t breathe and they’re just laughing and doing it more” when talking about her safeword and resistance. Milligan also says in an article for the San Diego Union-Tribune, how “her experience was traumatic.” She said she gave the haunt a positive review in her ‘exit interview’ video because she wanted the haunt to produce a video of her tour so she could have evidence of what happened to her.

McKamey adds, “I tell people they’ll get cuts and bruises. It’s aggressive. But these people weren’t injured like they say they were.” He also adds in MVOrganization, that “it’s a mental game now and they’re not getting hurt.”

Milligan also adds later that some parts of the video were edited out. Some showed “Milligan being pushed to the ground, pulled around by her hair and slapped while being picked up and driven in a van to McKamey’s home,” but other graphic parts of what also happened inside were taken out.

On a more fun note, if you are looking for a good scare in the Myrtle Beach area that is not so extreme, you can consider Nightmare Haunted House, Outbreak-Dread the Dead, Ripley’s Haunted House, Terror Under the Bridge, The Gray Man, and The Hermitage.