Broadway and More


When people hear the words high school, many think of sports and homework, but a subject that takes on a huge role in the school and the community is show choir. 

A show choir is a part of the Performing Arts Program that involves singing and choreographed dancing. The Performing Arts Program is sometimes undermined by its importance and the benefits that come with being a part of it. Participating in show choir is helpful to students in growing a strong sense of who they are. At Carolina Forest High School, students gain valuable skills in the performing arts that they can use in their everyday life such as handling large tasks, having new-found confidence, and finding their voice.

Many performers feel that the show choir isn’t just a class; it’s a family.

Michelle Baker, a senior, truly enjoys being in the show choir.

Baker shares, “What I enjoy most about the show choir is the friends that you make in the class. They will always be there for you and are practically your second family.”

Show choirs embody a wide range of jobs such as lighting and technical crew, stage management, and more. Everyone reaches out to help one another and plays a part to make sure everyone succeeds in their own category.

With all the jobs being equally important, none of this could be possible without Carolina Forest High School’s talented director and Fine Arts Dept. Chair, Kraig McBroom. McBroom attended University of North Carolina and received his Bachelors in Music Education and went forward with his career in music by teaching for the past 43 years in vocal music.

We have been blessed to have him work at Carolina Forest High School for the past 23 years.  McBroom continues to be a mentor to young performers as they go to fulfill their dreams in the fine arts. 

At Carolina Forest High School, we have different groups in our Performing Arts Program. These groups consist of Intermediate, Men and Women Show Choir and Showcase.

Our student performers work very hard to put on these exciting shows! Each week, the performers practice for three hours every Tuesday and Thursday. Even with those long hours, during show weeks they sometimes work all the way till 9 pm. These performers must use time management skills to make sure they get their school work done as well as other priorities. 

Carolina Forest High School has been known for its outstanding Fine Arts Department for the past 25 years. Our choir has won countless awards.

On October 29, 30, and 31, the show choir performed a show called, “Broadway and More.” This show featured multiple songs and performances from popular Broadway shows such as Dream Girls, Hamilton, and many more! 

Senior Samantha Heinz comments, “This show was really important to me because it is my senior year, and I really enjoy all the sets that we used. One of the best things about the show is the fact that this is the first show back in the auditorium since everything shut down from Covid.”

Connor Roth, a sophomore, also responds, “My favorite part about the show would be the pop set because the music is very fun, and I enjoy the choreography I get to do with my partner.”

The show had groups perform such as Forest 5 and Dream Girls. A huge shoutout to the Intermediate and Women’s Show Choir for their performance of Footloose.   It also included solo performances by  Christopher Carbone, Carolyne Haithcock, Blakely Ellis, Caleb Morgan, Michelle Baker, Mackenzie Reynolds, and Madison Beckles.  These students, along with the other singers and dancers, are truly talented beyond words.

Overall, the show was a huge success, and the performers put on an amazing show! This program embodies such talent and was a privilege to watch. 

A huge thanks goes out to the show choir, director, choreographers, lighting design, parent volunteers, technical theatre students, and more helping to make it a very successful weekend.  

Great job, Panthers!