“Learning” to Hate

Alayna Reynolds

Rushing through hallways

And Crowds of People,

Hoping to make the bell.

Assignment after Assignment,

Being buried in work,

Convinced teachers don’t understand.

Practicing our sports and instruments 

Until we are mentally exhausted.

Forced out of our comfort zone,

Being told it will help us

Overcome our fears, they say.

While in reality it makes us hate the place more and more.

Hate the place we are supposed to love,

Hate the place we are supposed to learn.

Instead students worry about 

Whether their shoulders are covered

Whether they get to one building to another in seven minutes on the dot

Whether their report card will result in their quality time with friends being taken away

As some sort of punishment as if their grade statistics 

are more important than their happiness.

Working seven hours five days a week

Just to return home and have to work more.

There’s no time for relaxation, moments with 

Friends and family.

Being a student means constant working

Constant worry

Constant game of catch-up

Constant fear of not being good enough.

We are told school is meant to teach us things for the future;

But it truly teaches us

That no matter how hard we try,

It won’t be enough in the school systems eyes