My Senior Year


Bayli Soles, Media Editor

My senior year of high school has been the most exciting, yet the nerve-wracking experience of my life. Suddenly everything is on the fast track, from the last home football games, proms, and applying for college. No matter what you want to do after you graduate high school, all seniors are in the same boat. Things are already ending sooner than expected, and some of us that love to be here are not ready to leave. 

With senior year comes applying for colleges and greeting ready to grow up. Not only is applying for a college hard and rough but finding scholarships to go to the college that you want to go to as well. For me, it has been not letting my anxiety get to me so much. With the help of my school, teachers, and parents, the stress has not as bad. For me, I was scared that I wouldn’t get into the school I had been wanting to get into for a while. How in the world am I going to do my part and help my parents with my college?

Applying to some of my top schools really makes me anxious and check the mail every day just to see if I got accepted or not. This year most of the applications were test-optional. This was really a big thing because of how I am not the best test taker. This really made me feel so much better about applying to some colleges. Some of those schools are Clemson, University of South Carolina, Coastal Carolina, College of Charleston, as well as Charleston Southern. My  anxiety really started to go away once I got accepted into some of the schools. This showed me that all the hard work I have been working towards and pursuing since freshman year was really paying off. 

Not only does it pay off when I am accepted into these schools but now as well when I try to apply for scholarships. Really working hard for what you want and going after will really pay off in the end.

Seniors, graduation is around the corner; it will be here before we know it!  Keep your head high and get support from your parents, teachers and friends when things get stressful.  Keep reaching for your dreams, knowing that our journey will take us to different places.  Carolina Forest High…you’ll always be home.