Russia Invasion On Ukraine

Russia Invasion On Ukraine

We read in our history books about war and terror that we become blind of the fact the it could happen present day. In recent events, Russia has begun invading Ukraine, causing mass destruction across the country and world. 

To understand this war, you must understand the history behind it. The Ukraine and Russian relationship has always been difficult. In 1921, Ukraine tried to break away from the USSR but succumbed to Communism. As a result of the attempted break away, Stalin, the leader of Russia at the time, caused a Holodomor to Ukraine which can be referred to as “extermination by hunger.” This went on to kill 7.5 million Ukrainians in one year. This time period was known as the “Famine-Genocide of Ukraine.”

 After World War ll, Ukraine officially broke away and gained independence from Russia when the Soviet Union began to dissolve. Even though Ukraine is independent, there are many things that continue to tie them to Russia. Ukraine signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), which meant they gave up all nuclear weapons given by the USSR to Russia in order to ensure safety for it’s new nation but also to disconnect more ties to Russia.

During the 2010’s, Ukraine, a now independent nation, began making its own decisions. As a result of this, Russia wanted to keep control over Ukraine and caused many disputes about gas, trade, and treaties. Ukraine was offered an agreement with the European Union that would allow free trade between them and would cause Ukraine to not rely on Russia for major economic resources. The fourth president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, refused to sign the political association and free trade agreement with the European Union because Russia threatened them with a financial catastrophe if it is signed. Due to this, there was an uproar of Ukraine citizens. They caused him to flee the nation and impeach him. The protest continued with the goal to end ties with Russia. Because of this, Russia took this opportunity to take a peninsula to Ukraine called Crimea. Ukraine fought back by imposing major sanctions along with other countries. Russia fought back with the same actions to Ukraine and it’s supporters. Ukraine went on to cut major ties to Russia such as business, military, and more and joined with the European Union in free trade!

Moving into late 2021, Russia began moving large numbers of military forces over the Ukraine border. There isn’t a clear reason why they have chosen to display this kind of force, but a Russia official did state that it was to “protect” Russians located in Ukraine. Their numbers became larger and stronger as their equipment became more advanced over a short period of time. Putin demanded that NATO seize adding new members located in Europe including Ukraine. Russia’s reasoning of the request is they believe it poses a threat to its nation’s security. The United States and NATO rejected this demand. In reaction to this, Joe Biden, the current president of the United States of America, spoke with Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin to inform him they will impose harsh sanctions and “severe consequences” if they chose to act on invading Ukraine.

On February 24, Putin announced the beginning of a full scale invasion upon Ukraine. This is the largest military force from Europe since 1945 with a large number of 190,000 troops. They are presently using extreme weaponry against Ukraine, causing major destruction across the entire country. Russia has destroyed countless cities and residential areas. In recent updates, there are more than a million Ukrainian refugees who have fled to neighboring countries such as Poland, Hungary, and Bolivia. Ukraine refugees are being greeted with temporary shelter and food. 

Even though many Ukrainians are seeking refuge, a large number have chosen to stay in order to fight even with their lack of any military training. The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, chose to stay and fight among his citizens even when offered safety. Over the course of a week, Russian forces took over multiple cities, one being Kherson. Russian military forces are increasing in the city of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and the southeastern port city called Mariupol. Mariupol, due to myriad bombings, is experiencing no power or water. Many evacuations gathering area and routes are being bombed causing many casualties and limited access for citizens to flee the country.

On March 2, 141 of the 193 member countries of the UN General Assembly agreed to condemning Russia’s action and demanding they halt any further invasion brought to Ukraine. Ukraine has applied to join the European Nation. The application process will take long, but Europe has gone to aid them with military forces and showing good faith and multiple other countries are providing a lot of aid. 

Even though this situation is affecting Ukraine greatly, this also has a global impact. Russia plays a major role in the gas and oil industry throughout the world. With the sanction imposed, energy prices and more will rise around the globe. 

 Travis Eppleman, one of our government and economics teachers, stated, “The actions being taken against Russia’s attack on Ukraine will have a significant economic impact on the United States as well as other nations for years to come. The cost of doing what’s right will be worth the price.”

Many nations have responded to Russian actions in Ukraine with major consequences. The United States, along with many allies, are freezing all Russian assets in banks and are pushing to eliminate the Russian banks as a part of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) which would cause the banks to major issues moving money globally. 

The United States and EU have also halted all American Technology to be exported, including ones aboard using theirs. Russia still has a foothold by having 600 billion reserves in central banks. Even with the reserves, the sanctions imposed will cause the Russian war resources and economy to decline astronomically. The effect can already be seen as Russian banks have increased their interest rate to 20%, more than double from what it was. In recent events, the United Nations held an emergent General Assembly, first session since 1997, condemning Russian action and demanding an immediate withdrawal of forces. There were 147 out of 193 member votes in agreement to this motion. Unfortunately, Russian forces still move harsher towards Ukraine as they have now taken over their nuclear plant and still fight to gain their larger cities. 

People around the world have taken action towards these recent events. There have been multiple organizations that are raising money for the Ukrainian people. These organizations are also providing food, trauma packages, and more to aid the citizens of Ukraine. On multiple social media platforms, influencers and celebrities are spreading awareness of the war and are promoting the donations for Ukraine. Many protests have emerged in multiple countries around the world to bring awareness and support to the Ukraine situation. People have also used Ukraine’s National flower, the sunflower, as a symbol of support and hope.