For the Love of Music


Cooper Morris, Staff Writer

We all love music; that’s a fact. Listening to music improves our physical, mental, and emotional health. It provides a feeling of connectedness; therefore, creating a powerful way of uniting people. Being a member of the band in one’s school only reiterates this power.

Members of our Carolina Forest High School Marching Band are full of passion for music and an intense drive to succeed. 

Senior Nicole Herrera said, “Music in general was always a vital part of my life; being in band allows me to create a sense of escapism and relaxation within music.”

Being in a marching band comes with plenty of benefits. Obviously, being in band provides its members with vigorous exercise. Band members must learn the correct marching form and apply it to rehearsals and performances nearly every day. Also, the members who must carry heavy instruments like drums and tubas develop an adequate muscle mass.

Secondly, marching band teaches its members responsibility and discipline. The strict schedules teach members time management, and the precision that is expected of them teaches the members to listen and follow instructions.

Most recently, the band here at The Forest won the South Carolina Band Directors Association Winter State Championship, and their guard was successful in earning the bronze medal. The band and guard also competed at the national level Winter Guard International Competition, with both groups ending up as finalists. 

The indoor marching band, The Winter Winds, is competing at the Winter Guard International Regional in Greenville on March 12. The wind ensemble will perform at the South Eastern Regional Concert festival on March 22. They will be performing at the Darlington 500 on September 4 and the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The 2022 Marching Band show will be “The Queen’s Gambit.” For this, they are in need of two feature singers, a featured guitarist, a couple of piano players, and a cast to fill out the color guard. If you’re interested in filling in any of those spots, please contact Mr. Roddy, who is located in the main building. 

Band provides students with life lessons, a creative outlet, and a family. Joining your school’s marching band would leave you plenty of opportunities, especially if you plan on pursuing a career in music.

Marching band allows students to build lasting relationships with each other.

Sophomore Lauren Almony stated, “Band is not just a class; it becomes a lifestyle. Those in band are not just bandmates, they become a family.”