Originals vs. Remakes


Jenna Graziano, Staff Writer/ Media Production

With so many TV and movie remakes, sequels and reboots, the originals seem to be put on the back burner. Although many remakes can’t compete with their originals, many of them are receiving more love and attention. Do you think the original is mostly better?

In my opinion, I feel as if the original is better. The originals always seem to be put aside and forgotten about. Sometimes, the remakes change the whole story line. Parts are added in that do not make sense and are pointless. Although, sometimes with the advancement in technology, the remakes have a possibility of being the better option. 

One film that stands out to me is the iconic “Grease.” It is one of my favorites.  In my opinion, the original is better than the live production. Too many unnecessary clips and scenes were added to the new, updated film. 

 “Grease” is an award winning film. Premiering in 1978, the original film starred Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta as the iconic couple Sandy and Danny. More than 35 years later, the story about a high school couple still strikes a chord with men and women today around the world. With Fox’s live production remake in 2016, the story of high school sweethearts reached a whole new audience. 

There are many differences between both the original and the remake. 

The main character, Sandy, had a different last name. In the movie, viewers knew her as Sandy Olsson and in Fox’s version, they met Sandy Young. 

In addition, there were men cheerleaders. This has been an extreme topic about men cheerleaders and women. The fact that men were now included to be a cheerleader as well is an extreme improvement. 

One last difference is that they changed the words they used when they made fun of people. For example, rather than calling an actor fat, they refer to her as weird. You still should not make fun of anyone, but body shaming is an awful problem we have in this world. 

Emma Herness stated,” I usually prefer remakes over the original, though it makes me sad that the original is sometimes overshadowed. I like how the remakes have a higher quality production, as well as more diverse casting, if they do it right. For example, the remake of “IT” chapter one and two are (in my opinion) better than the original, with a diverse cast, incredible CGI, and overall production.” 

In other instances, people think the originals are always better than the remakes. 

Olivia Azzarella, a junior, shared,”I personally am not interested in the remakes because I feel like the original Disney movies should be left alone, and I don’t like how they changed the cartoons into real life action plays because they are meant to be cartoons for younger children.” 

What is your opinion?