Where I’m From

Max Stefanchik

I am from pink sandy beaches, 

from Dawn and Dyson.

I am from the hot and humid temperatures of South Carolina. 

I am from the petals of a tulip, 

The bright green grass.


I am from baseball games

and dirty pants, 

from Melanie 

and Nicholas and 


I am from the loud aggressive talking 

and long joke telling stories. 

From drinking milk to make my bones grow stronger 

and eating my vegetables to grow tall.


I am from Christianity. 

I’m from New Jersey and Eastern Europe,

Italian food and stuffed cabbage. 

From the sister that raised the bar too high,

the hysterically obnoxious and funny father, 

and the brother who is in his fifth year of college because he went to California for a year. 

I am from living room frames

And the refrigerator door.