Time to Shine


Cooper Morris, Staff Writer

For years, Carolina Forest High School has been known for their Performing Arts Department. For 22 years, Kraig McBroom has musically directed the show choirs at CFHS and led the Showcase Show Choir to first place at OrlandoFest and other competitions in Florida and New York.

On the weekend of May 13-15, our school’s show choirs had their final performance of the academic year, saying goodbye to their seniors. With music from “High School Musical,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “Rent,” “Footloose,” and more, along with captivating visuals, it was the perfect final show.

So much work, time, and dedication goes into putting on a show choir show. For months, the singers give their all into mastering the routines. All of the commitment pays off when the final product is better than ever imagined.

“I really enjoy watching it all come together. The singing, dancing, costumes, emotion and the story all come together to make the finished performance work,” said McBroom.

McBroom and his assistants teach students how to sing, dance, be good listeners, stay organized, and other important skills. Participating in show choir creates talented and assiduous performers. Even if one doesn’t plan on pursuing a career in music, show choir provides them opportunities and experiences that help them to be successful no matter what.

Show choir creates a family of people with a common love for performing. All members spend countless hours with each other, inevitably creating an unmatched bond and a deep connection that brings each of them together.

“My favorite part of Showcase was making such close bonds with people and feeling like I had a second family. They were always there when I was having a bad day,” shared Carolyne Haithcock, a senior in Showcase.

As the school year comes to a close, seniors must say goodbye to the life they had here. For members of our show choirs, they’re saying goodbye to a family. 

Another senior in Showcase, Nigel James, said, “I’m going to miss everything about Showcase. I love performing so much and I hope that I will continue to perform on another stage that will bring me as much joy as the one at CFHS.”

Each year, the show choirs leave audiences speechless, and this year has been no exception. While the seniors will be missed dearly, we can’t wait to see the next round of talented and amazing performers.