Book and Film Escapes


Sadie Richardson, Staff Writer/Media Production

Many people ask “Books or movies?” expecting you to choose one, but why not both? Some of the largest movie franchises were adapted from books. With many different genres, a few of the biggest are “Harry Potter,” “Jurassic Park,” “Twilight,” “The Hunger Games,” “The Lord of The Rings” and many more. However, there are many more movies and books that are worth watching.

“The Unbreakable Boy” is a true story about a boy with brittle-bone disease and autism. He changes the way people see the world by having a unique, joyful, and funny outlook on life. The book was written by Scott Michael LeRette, who wrote the book based on his son Austin. The movie was released on March 18 in theaters and can be found on Amazon+, HULU, HBO MAX and Disney+. 

“Where The Crawdads Sing” is a crime drama movie about a girl named Kya, a wild and unkempt girl with a hopeful story. The film explores her lonely life in the dangerous marshlands of North Carolina in the 1950s. The book was written by Delia Owens and published in August of 2019; the film was directed by Olivia Newman and released in July of 2022.  It is in theaters and on VUDU streaming service. 

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming sites with many originals and add-ons. One of their newest originals is “Persuasion,” a book by Jane Austen and remade into a film. A certain someone from the past comes into Anne Elliot’s life, and she has to choose between letting bygones be bygones or listening to her heart. A few of the biggest stars on the cast are Dakota Johnson, Suki Waterhouse and Richard E. Grant.

Mason Gallagher, a junior says, “Personally, “Percy Jackson” is my favorite simply for the delicate attention to detail ranging from the movie scenery to the characters.”

“Blonde” is a biographical drama film on the fictional take on Marilyn Monroe’s life. The film comes out on Netflix on September 23, starring Ana De Armas. The movie is based on Joyce Carol Oates’ Blonde, the 700-page novel. It took the director, Andrew Dominik, 11 years to fully develop the film and bring it to completion.

The book “Dear Zoe” was written by Phillip Beard and the film was directed by Gren Wells. Dealing with the unimaginable loss of her younger sister, Tess and her family find different ways to cope. Tess finds comfort in her biological father and a juvenile delinquent. The movie stars Sadie Sink, Jessica Capshaw, and Theo Rossi.

Take some time and escape into some books and films. It can be very beneficial to the soul.