The Queen of Our Hearts.


Olivia Gallagher, Staff Writer/Media Production

On September 8, 2022, the world shook as the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death flooded our homes. As Britain’s longest Monarch, she was a symbol for Britain’s intelligence and grace. The queen lived a very full life giving her all to her kingdom. 

Born on April 21, 1926, Queen Elizabeth was not originally in line for the crown. Edward VIII, her uncle, was next in line, but he abdicated in his brother, George VI’s favor. While Elizabeth’s father was reigning, WWII broke out. Instead of staying safely inside you would find Queen Elizabeth II on the battlefield. At just 18-years-old, she joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service, a women’s branch in the British Military, as a mechanic . It is rumored that Queen Elizabeth and her sister Margaret often put on pantomimes for the troops and friends at Windsor Castle.  

At the young age of 25, Queen Elizabeth was crowned queen of England on June 2, 1953, after her father failed to recover from a lung operation. Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was the world’s first major event to be televised! Always by her side stood Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. The couple first met when Elizabeth was 7-years-old and Philip was 12. Years later after Phillip served in WWII, the two fell in love and secretly became engaged in 1946 . They put off telling the world until after Queen Elizabeth’s 21st birthday. They were married for 73 years! 

Being Queen through such a revolutionary time in history had to have come with its difficulties, but the Queen never showed any distress. She was playful with a contagious smile whenever meeting world leaders or her associates. She nurtured her growing kingdom while a new age of views and ideals engulfed society.

Some interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II: 

  • Invented a new breed of dog: Dorgi
  • First British Monarch to address Congress
  • Raised close to 2 billion dollars in charity money
  • Supported racial equality
  • Most traveled Monarch in history  
  • Celebrated two birthdays 
  • Did not have a passport or driver’s license 
  • Not the richest person in Britain

 Since her passing, the United Kingdom has been in great mourning. On the day of her funeral (Monday, Sept. 19), it will be declared a bank holiday and all schools and hospitals will be closed. 

Her Majesty was lovely in every way and though she may no longer be the Queen of England, she will always be the Queen of our hearts. With great condolences to the royal family, we just wanted to say “Thank you” to Queen Elizabeth.