Fantasy Football


Jalina Paljusaj, Staff Writer/ Media production

Fantasy Football is a competition where friends and family create a league and compete against each other. Each person has their own team made from actual players in the NFL. One average around 50 million Americans participate in Fantasy Football leagues each year.

As the owner, you create a team of players from people in the NFL who compete against other owners in your league to score points based on the performance of your players in real football games throughout the season.

There is an initial draft where every person takes turns picking up players for a team they will be creating. The draft takes place in August just before the football season begins. 

During the competition, participants will have the chance to change and set up your lineup for the upcoming games depending on what teams are playing. 

Members compete against each other and are ranked by wins to losses status. Each week you go up against a different member, watching players run, pass, catch and score touchdowns, all of which are worth fantasy points. The number of fantasy points your team has compared to your opponent determines whether or not you win that week. 

Mr. Matt Sassi, one of our CATE teachers, has been playing in the same league for 16 years. 

Sassi shares, “I enjoy the games much more by playing in a fantasy league. Winning some money is always cool, too.”

This competition intrigues football fans because of its immersive aspect. It’s very engaging and easy to keep up with when you are able to understand. 

Mackenzie Priest, a senior, comments, “I like fantasy football because I enjoy watching football, and the competition forces me to really pay attention to the games.”

However, it also leads to things like addiction and gambling. In some leagues, people choose to place bets on their teams. There are many ways of doing this; in some cases, people have joined multiple leagues to increase their chances of winning in one. The accumulated losses can lead to debt. Cases like these aren’t too common and should not be too much of a worry. 

Overall, it is great for friendly competition and a good source of bonding over an entertaining sport.